When it comes to the safe and timely transportation for you or your loved ones, who do you trust?  Put your trust in Transport-U. 

Transport-U began operating in 2005 when co-founders David and Barbara Harry recognized the need for dependable transportation in their hometown area of Montgomery County, MD.  Having spent over twenty years in senior care management Barbara recognized the increasing need to provide quality resources for the senior population.  There was a gap between the services being rendered by transportation companies at the time and the actual need of the residents she worked with as a Nursing Home Administrator.  This was highlighted by an incident that occurred when she worked at a local community nursing home and needed to obtain transportation for a resident to receive a blood transfusion on a holiday weekend.  Her staff made calls from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm attempting to acquire non-emergency transportation services to transport her client.  “Many companies do not answer their phones on weekends and those that did answer, did not come out.”  Eventually unable to wait, her staff called 9-1-1 and had an ambulance transport the client to the hospital.  The next day she was greeted by a phone call from the County Health Department. Apparently, they had received a complaint from the head of EMS regarding inappropriate use of their 9-1-1 services.  This incident planted the idea for the start-up of Transport-U.  Transport-U was founded on the ideals of responsiveness to clients.   Transport-U is not just about transporting clients from one destination to another. “Our mission is to enable and support our clients to maintain their independence throughout all life stages, by helping them stay connected with their community.”  We establish a relationship with our clients.  Our clients are like family to us and they know that when they call us we will be there.  
David, who manages the daily operations, understands first hand the needs of his clients, their families, and of his community partners for Courteous, Safe, and Reliable Transportation Services and prides himself on meeting this need. 

Together, our team works hard to always listen to our clients and make their needs the number one priority and provide exemplary service.

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